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Emma & Tim | Engaged

I was very lucky to visit Highdown Gardens with the lovely Emma and Tim in Worthing last weekend- it’s stunning! Everywhere I looked was just perfect. Emma and Tim are getting married in October, and after being guests at two of the weddings I’ve photographed, I can not wait for their turn! They are such fun to be around and loved spending time with them on this shoot, especially getting tea and cake after!

Ash Darling xx

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-1

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-2

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-3

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-4

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-5

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-6

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-7

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-8

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-9

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-10

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-11

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-12

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-13

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-14
T&E eshoot Ashdarling-16

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-17

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-18

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-19

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-20

T&E eshoot Ashdarling-21
T&E eshoot Ashdarling-22

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